Frankly, we just want to ensure that we can still travel the world 50 years in the future.

So let’s take care of our resources,
the environment and all the different communities and enjoy tourism as the promising resource it is.

Lets grow sustainable tourism from being a niche to becoming the new norm!

We believe that we can do good when traveling!

We believe that YOU can help us find more sustainable ways to travel.

We believe that we together can transform tourism.














Transform Tourism is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2018 to raise awareness about tourism’s consequences and potential. We are working with co-design workshops to educate, inspire and empower tourists and make sustainable tourism grow from being a niche to becoming the new norm.















... the economic leakage in all-inclusive tourism can be as high as 90%?

... the minimum wage often doesn’t cover the basic needs of the worker?

... hotel employees in Thailand normally work about 14 hours/day during high season?

... a tourist in Thailand uses 3-6 times more water compared with a local?

You didn’t knew any of that?
Come join us at a workshop and find out more about tourism’s impact, and help us create opportunities to improve sustainable travel approaches.


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